Sedum and AstersSedums.  A stalwart of the perennial garden.  This is a plant that has forgiveness for hot sun, bad soil and drier sites.  Sedums are easy to grow so even a beginning gardener will have success.  Another name for sedums is ‘Stonecrop’.

There are so many varieties of Sedum that you will certainly be able to find one that will fit your garden site!  There are upright sedums which will grow anywhere from 12″ tall to 24″ tall.  There are many varieties of sedum that are groundcovers and come in so many different colors.  Deep maroon/red – several shades of green – blue-green and golds.

The foliage of sedums are like succulents and add texture and color to the garden all season.  Many of the groundcovers will blossom during the summer, but the upright sedums come into their full glory in the fall.  In early August, you will notice flower heads form and then in early September the color change begins.  The flower heads burst open with colors from pale pink to gorgeous reds.

Hardy in Zone 4 – you can leave them all winter for the winter interest or you can cut them off in the fall.