Seedless Maples

Celebration Maple
Autumn Spire Maple

While maples are among the most favored of shade trees, due to good form and nice fall color, many produce seed crops most years.  Happily, there are a handful of seedless maple varieties currently available for people who want to avoid seed litter.

Fast growing and colorful hybrid maple varieties that are seedless include ‘Celebration’, ‘Sienna Glen’ and ‘Firefall’.  Red Maple varieties known to be seedless include ‘Autumn Radiance, ‘Northwood’, ‘Sun Valley’, and ‘Autumn Spire’.

Check out these lovely seedless maple varieties if you desire a tree that provides cooling shade, good fall color and less litter.  Be aware that these trees all like acidic soil, especially the Red Maples.  Avoid strongly alkaline soil and poorly drained areas and you will have a tree that serves your needs well for a long time, as well as putting on a color show!