Shade Perennials

Globeflowers are showy spring perennials with waxy bowl-shaped single or double flowers.  A flower that looks like a globe it will definitely draw attention with a bright spot of color in the spring garden.


The Globeflower likes part shade and rich moist to wetter soils.  It’s Zone 4 hardy!  Even after the flowers have gone – it sports interesting texture in it’s foliage during the season when other plants are blossoming.

Pictured here is my Globeflower that I have in one of my hosta gardens.    Companion plants for the Globeflower include hosta, Lady’s Mantle, Forget-me-Nots, Ligularias, Ferns and Rodgersia.

Pulmonaria / Lungwort

For a shade perennial that can be used as a specimen planting, groundcover, a border plant or for it’s soft beautiful  foliage – the Pulmonaria is hard to beat!

Also known as Lungwort, the early blooming perennials are short, and sports open clusters of nodding flowers.  Some species have flowers that open pink and turn blue, other bear pink, red or white blooms.    Combine these with daffodil or tulip bulbs for a riot of spring color.

We have many varieties of Pulmonaria in our shade perennials.  They are flowering now!