Shasta Daisy

Lazy Summer Daisies

A classic symbol of summer, daisies have a way of bringing back memories from our past, of our loved ones, and of course helping to create some memories to be cherished for years to come.  Have you had the good fortune to receive a fist full of pure white single daisies?  Maybe you were the little one holding up that bouquet with pride.  I will say it has been far too long since I have sat down to braid a daisy chain myself.  Every year when the ‘Becky’ Shasta Daisies (AKA: Leucanthemum superbum ‘Becky’) come into bloom it seems like an excellent idea and they beckon me to pause.

This year not only do we have ‘Becky’ Shasta Daisies with their large, pure white single flowers and vivid golden centers but a new twist on our old favorite, Leucanthemum superbum ‘Sante’.  ‘Sante’ brings an element of fun to the garden with its unique double petals.  It has a frilly or even fuzzy appearance with again, the same golden yellow centers.  If you have ever tried to make it patiently through a round of “loves me, loves me not” you should try it with one of these double daisies.  Perhaps the outcome is more accurate with all those extra petals to pluck through.

Now for the dirt on Shasta Daisies…Sturdy stems support their large flowers from late spring to early fall, with regular dead heading.  An excellent choice for butterfly and cutting gardens or in open more wild garden settings.  They prefer full sun and will tolerate heavier soils, provided there is adequate drainage.  Varieties range in mature height from about 15 to 36 inches.  ‘Becky’ was the 2003 Perennial Plant of the Year.  Heidi Brosseau – Retail Manager – submitted this article.