Showy Mtn. Ash

It’s that time of the season when we get asked “What’s that tree with the orange berries? ”   The Showy Mountain Ash (Sorbus decora) are true to their name – “Showy”.  An ornamental tree,  it will reach a mature height of 20′-25′ tall and about 15′-18′ wide.  It will tolerate a variety of soils, but defintely does not want wet feet.

We have several Showy Moutain Ash in our meadow at home and they are simply a delight this time of year.  After a long day, we drive up and the vibrant orange berries welcome us home.  Until…..  the Cedar Wax Wings spot them.. then the berries can be gone in a heartbeat.

Native to Minnesota, the Showy Mtn Ash can be found all along the North Shore.  In Grand Marais one year, we even collected seed from the trees along the shore of Lake Superior.  Last fall, on a day trip while canoeing north of Ely, MN, we encountered an incredible specimen along one of the lake shores.

We have them in containers and we also have a limited number available in a larger size- in balled and burlapped packaging.  The balled and burlapped trees are on sale right now at 50% off regular prices.

Even though the word “ash” is in it’s name – the Showy Mountain Ash is not a member of the Ash family that is troubled by the Emerald Ash Borer.