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Sienna Glen Maple

Sienna Glen Maples are displaying their electric orange/red fall color this week.  A naturally occurring hybrid of red maple and silver maple that was discovered right here in the great state of Minnesota, Sienna Glen Maple is hardy and beautiful.

Sienna Glen Maple has a more refined leaf and branch distribution than other freemanii x hybrid maples, and matures into a dense rounded shape.  While growing quickly, Sienna Glen Maple still produces strong branches that reduce the likelihood of storm damage, and matures to a respectable size of 50 feet tall by 35 feet wide, making it an excellent shade tree.

Leif and Sienna Glen Maple

Autumn leaf color varies somewhat from year to year for Sienna Glen Maple, with a combination of yellow, orange and red.  This fall orange is the dominant color that dazzles the eye on the Sienna Glen Maples in our fields.