Signs of Spring

Wild turkeys
Wild turkeys

Today we will have 1 1/2  hours more daylight than on the years shortest days in December.  The fresh snow that was on the driveway of the nursery yesterday morning melted clear during the day without plowing or salting.

Cardinals coming to the feeders have begun to issue their spring song.  About thirty turkeys have been wondering through our yard in recent days and yesterday Deb observed several toms strutting their stuff and fanning their tail feathers to impress the ladies.

On a day with a high barely exceeding 10 degrees, the cab of my truck was warm from the strengthening sunshine when I opened the door after it sat for several hours without running.  With no heaters turned on, the greenhouses are also trapping the increased solar energy, and warming enough to allow the snow to melt off.  In a few weeks we will begin filling the greenhouses with the flowering plants that will provide a burst of color to your gardens this coming spring and summer.

Despite our feeling a bit stir crazy right now, spring will soon arrive.   Keep the faith!.