Skunk… Did Anyone See the Skunk?

Here at the nursery, we are always protecting our plants.  We have a deer fence that circles the entire nursery to keep the deer out – we are always looking out for the rabbits and mice, we keep them watered, pruned fertilized, etc.  This season, however, we have had a pesky ground hog that has nibbled away on alot of plants causing quite a bit of damage.  So, we have put to use a live trap so we could re-locate this varmit.  What we didn’t anticipate was a young skunk being inquisitive about the trap.  Needless to say, this morning when Heidi checked the live trap and found the skunk – she did a double take and quickly left it be.  Now – how do you get a skunk out of a live trap safely and without getting sprayed?  We called upon Fall Creek Animal and Pest Control out of Faribault.   Shawn came up and within ten minutes had removed the skunk from the trap and was on his way (without being sprayed!).   Now we have to re-think what to do with the ground hog!