‘Snow Dance’ Japanese Tree Lilac

Snow Dance Japanese Tree Lilac

Flowering trees have long held a great attraction.  Most flower in the spring when we are desperately craving color and lush blossoms, but unfortunately most who produce fruit or seeds that eventually drop on gardens, walks, lawns and driveways, creating a mess of varying degrees.

Bailey Nurseriesin St. Paul has introduced a variety of Japanese Tree Lilac that is loaded with large creamy white flower heads that produce no fruit or seeds.  Enjoy the show and skip the mess by planting the ‘Snow Dance’ Japanese Tree Lilac.  Rod Bailey, of Bailey Nurseries, made this varietal selection and it is a welcome addition to the fairly short list of sterile flowering trees.  ‘Snow Dance’  Tree Lilac (syringa reticulata ‘Bailnce’ ) grows shorter than some other Japanese Tree Lilac varieties, with a noticeably wider spread.  The lack of seed pods allows the eye to appreciate all the more the elegant spreading nature of ‘Snow Dance’.  Tolerates alkaline soils – avoid damp, poorly drained soils.  The size rating is 18′ tall x 20′ wide and the hardiness zone is 3 to 7. 
Once the snow has melted and spring is here – stop in at the nursery and check out our selection of ‘Snow Dance’ Japanese Tree Lilac.
Photo courtesy of Bailey Nurseries.