A Spring Dawning

SunriseIn every heart,  in every mind,  in every life there is a Spring Dawning.  The great challenge for all of us is this:  Will we allow ourselves to feel the fresh breezes, probe the mysteries, enjoy the magic and see the light cascading through the clouds as a miracle all over again?

The choice is ours to make.  We all fall prey to being so busy that we fail to pause and take in the everyday common place miracles that surround us?  Will we continue to rush about and miss seeing, hearing and enjoying the small wonders of the world that are right there in front of us?

Seeing, discovery and enjoying the wonders of a Spring Dawning need not take huge amounts of precious time.  It takes practice more than it takes time.  We all have lives filled with job and family responsibilities that consume an awful lot of our time.  Yet if we practice seeing the world through the eyes of a child, we can see, understand, feel and enjoy the majority and magic of a Spring Dawning everywhere we go.  When we practice allowing  ourselves to be awestruck by the ordinary, and are in the moment we unlock a pathway to happiness and break the bonds of cynicism.

It is completely natural for a child to be awestruck and joyful, and in the moment.  Just the other day I saw a five month old,  Nelson Brosseau, taking in every new sight and sound and could see the wonder and joy flood through him as he engaged every new experience.  It was a great lesson for me of the importance of looking for, seeing, and embracing what is right there in front of me, and to practice allowing the ordinary to become a source of wonder and joy in every moment of every day.

There is a Spring Dawning not only in this month of May but in every heart and mind if we only practice seeing and enjoying the wonders of the world through the eyes of a child.  That child is still there somewhere in each of us.  Practice letting YOUR inner child feel the wonder and celebrate the miraculous.

You may find the wonder in glistening dew drops along the road to work, or in a quiet corner of your garden.  Wherever you are, practice seeing and feeling the Spring Dawning in your heart and mind.  It’s among the richest experiences of life, and it’s completely free.Tyger Jensen