Spring for new design!

Master Plan

Raking out beds, and last-minute pruning is underway.  Perennials that weren’t cut back last fall are getting a spring trim, just in time for the new growth that has been patiently waiting for the right moment to make its debut.  Much like the patient leaves and perennials that have been curled up, tucked in, waiting for their day, I too am growing and reaching this spring!  I’ve been blessed with the wonderful opportunity to share my plant knowledge, creativity, eye for balance, and industry professionalism in a new way – as Knecht’s Landscape Designer! Over the years, many of you have worked with me and others from our helpful and knowledgeable staff at the nursery, where we design “on the fly” drawings that have helped to guide, teach and answer anything from plant identification to rain gardens and pruning techniques, to how much soil a project requires.  Some projects and ideas require a site visit, and that’s where I come in! I offer multiple Landscape consultation packages, to suit your needs. My one-hour site visits cost $75. They can encompass anything from a Site Consultation, to a Landscape Design – Master Plan Consultation, where I’ll get to know you, and your vision for your outdoor space(s).  Your vision is my inspiration as I design your one of a kind master plan, the first step in creating an outdoor experience you can enjoy and be proud of for years to come!

Visit our Landscapeing Page for more information about the design packages we offer, and the prices associated with these services.