Spring Frost/Freeze Damage to Landscape Plants

After prolonged and record warmth in March this year, we have experienced a fairly hard frost/freeze that many of us dreaded as we watched landsape plants of all types leaf out and blossom to begin their spring growth spurt 3-4 weeks ahead of normal.

How much damage your plants suffer will depend very much on your micro climate.  Areas with heavy tree cover and higher elevation, and small spaces surrounded by buildings will see the least damage as even partially formed leaves and seeds being found in the tree tops helped hold heat in.

Low areas, and open areas where cold settles, or heat escapes quickly, will see the most damage, and you will find some landscape plants very resistant to freeze damage while others have terrible damage.

Be patient with damaged plants.  Many have the capacity to re-grow and/or re-leaf.  Unforunately, a few plants will be unable to rebound, especially if they are already weakened by poor drainage/heavy shade/ or otherwise stressed.  You may have to look at very ugly plants for awhile, but many will bounce back and others will be completed unaffected by the cold.  After a few days, you will be able to ascertain exactly what damage, if any, your plants sustained.