Still Crazy After All These Years

           Seems everyone I meet these days has something in common.  We’re all a bit crazy from the incredibly long tail on the end of this winter, and ready for something, ANYTHING that is different from the abnormally cold, wet, soggy, cloudy, dreary, weather we have endured this March and April.

            The best medicine of course will be 55 to 70 degree temperatures, lots of sunshine, and gentle breezes.  Until this happens, and even after we have a few nice days, my best advice is to be patient and stay off soggy grass and wet soils on planting beds.  Find some other house chores or fix it projects that don’t involve walking or driving on wet soils.  Wait until the soils are nice and dry and firm to rake, mow, rototill, dig and plant.  If you venture out on wet ground you will compact soils, make lumps, footprints, tire tracks and generally make a mess.  It’s going to be really hard to be this patient.  Do your best.  Relax in the sun.  Sit on the porch or patio with something cool to sip.  And maybe after all the months, all the April snowfalls, and all these years you’ll be just a little less crazy.