Storm Damage Recovery

The widespread storm damage that occurred on September 20th has resulted in the loss of huge numbers of trees for several thousand families and businesses.  Cleanup efforts are well underway, but for many months and even years of hard work lie ahead to return devastated properties to some semblance of normal.

It is very sad to lose trees that have provide shade and shelter, in some cases for several generations of a family.  It’s sad to lose the irreplaceable beauty of mature trees.  There is a silver lining despite the fact that many properties will never get he same during our lifetimes.

As Deb and I have been recovering from the devastation of the woods surrounding our home south of Northfield, our focus has shifted to the brand new woods we will see emerging over the years ahead as young trees suddenly receive lots of sunlight, and new seedling trees sprout.  There will also be the opportunity to add some new trees to increase the diversity of our forest.   I think it will be very enjoyable to the new woods come to life.

Fortunately our tree inventory at the nursery suffered no damage, and will be available to help you find new trees for your property.  With 330 tree varieties to choose from we can help you find just the right tree to fit your needs.  Best wishes as you move forward in your storm recovery efforts.

We will have trees available until Thanksgiving, at which time retail will close until late March.  Late fall plantings are very successful, and fall sale prices provide excellent values.