Subsoil Dryness Persists

The one inch+ rain that the Northfield area received early on Sunday, September 15th, was a welcome relief for landscape plants significantly stressed by the drought conditions that developed during August and the first two weeks of September.  Be aware that it will take another four to six inches of rainfall over the next month to significantly restore moisture levels in the extremely dry subsoil.

This means that supplemental watering is still a good idea.  the one inch of rain probably only moistened the top six to 10 inches of the soil.  Allowing the sprinkler to run for 2 to 3 hours in each area of your landscape is a step towards restoring subsoil moisture.  Doing this several times in September and October is a good way to help your valuable and much loved landscape plantings enter the dormant season in good condition.  Winter is coming.  Prepare well.