Successful Summer Planting

Summer planting success made easy!  Successfully plant trees, shrubs and perennials in mid-summer.  First, liberate the root system that has been trapped in a plastic pot by vigorously root pruning the matted roots with a razor sharp utility knife.  This allows your new landscape plant to root out properly and extremely quickly.

Secondly, water just enough and never too much.  Many people over-water their plants unintentionally.  At Knecht’s, we provide a very helpful and specific watering chart to every customer to enable you to apply just enough and never too much water, along with a handy planting guide.  The secret is small amounts of water on a schedule.  It takes only a few seconds per plant each time.  Literally only a few seconds!  It’s easy.

The days of mid-summer are long and newly planted additions to your landscape use all that daylight to quickly establish lots of new roots.  Works out great for the plants, and it’s easy for you.  We provide all the how-to details in printed handouts when you make your purchase.  You too can enjoy easy summer planting success!