Successful Summer Planting

Contrary to what many people think, planting in mid-summer is an excellent time to get new landscape plants to establish themselves very quickly and very happily. All they need is just enough water and never too much, good planting technique, and just enough fertilizer and never too much.

The long days of summer will be a great ally in getting your new plantings established quickly. Here’s how it works. The more photosynthesis the plant can be doing, the more new roots it can grow to become established. The more hours of daylight, the more photosynthesis (growth) takes place in the leaves and stems of new plants, and the more new roots extend out into the surrounding soil of the planting area. Summer is when we have long days and lots of photosynthesis and is consequently a great time to add plants to your landscape.

Many people are afraid they won’t be able to water their new plantings enough in midsummer, and are surprised to discover how quickly you can accomplish a watering that delivers just enough and never too much water. It’s also often a surprise to learn that hand watering is actually the quickest way to water a group of newly installed shrubs, trees and perennials. We provide every customer with detailed easy to follow printed instructions to make planting and watering successful and efficient, and when followed closely will prevent overwatering, which is the most common cause of death in new plantings.