Sugar Tyme Flowering Crab

This spring I blogged on a variety of flowering crabs and the beautiful blossoms.  Today when walking through the sales deck – the fruit of the Sugar Tyme  Crabapple caught my eye.  Just starting it’s fall color change from green to brilliant red clusters – it’s definitely a show stopper!

Sugar Tyme is a modest size tree – 18′ tall by 15′ wide with an upright, slightly oval shape.   The 1/2″ red persistant fruit is borne from fragrant white flowers in the spring.  It is highly rated for  it’s  resistant to fire blight, apple scab, Mildew and Cedar Apple Rust.

Last year we had an incredibly mild – snow free winter which probably will not happen again.  Start planning now for a way to get some winter color (other than snow white).

In addition to Sugar Tyme, we have a large selection of flowering crabs – in different blossom colors, shapes, and fruit colors.  Stop in soon to get the best selection!