The Bulbs are Here!!!

I know it might seem strange to be thinking spring this time of year but now is the best time to plant your spring blooming bulbs!  Tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinth, giant allium, and silla, (to name a few) are all here and waiting to find planting beds for winter.  Your spring blooming bulbs need to be planted in the ground before winter because they require a cold dormancy before they will bloom in the spring.  The bulbs are already dormant and will sleep through the long winter in their new planting bed.  When they feel the earth begin to warm and the melting snow and spring rains beginning to water them they will know it’s time to wake up, grow and bloom!  If you are gardening with young children, crocus always seem to be a favorite as they will often begin to bloom while there is still some snow on the ground!  How cool is that!

tulipsThanks to Heidi Brosseau for contributing this blog.