The Dazzle of Daylilies

The Dazzle of a Daylily (by Heidi Brosseau)

 When I decided to write a blog about Daylilies I had a hard time deciding which varieties to spotlight.  Should I talk about the varieties you see everywhere?  Stressing their reliability, and vigor? Or, perhaps I’ll blog about the less common hybrids, which also produce the same popular, low maintenance, and easy to grow plants. 

How to choose?  Well a walk through the daylilies decided it for me.  On my stroll I was dazzled by three amazing varieties and here they…


Return a Smile’ from the Designer Daylily series.  These vigorous plants are smiling away just waiting for you to smile back at their incredible floral display. Mauve pink flowers with deep wine purple eye and yellow-green throat start blooming early to midsummer and rebloom throughout the growing season.  The lovely petals are slightly ruffled around their edges adding to its beauty and charm.  26” Tall

‘Woodside Romance’ from the Designer Daylily series.  Large, fragrant, “diamond dusted”, rose pink flowers have strongly ruffled petal edges.  These show stoppers produce up to 30-35 buds on each scape creating a long season of bloom!  One of the most lovely of all the daylilies as far as I’m concerned.  27” Tall


‘Primal Scream’ from Proven Winners.  I have seen a lot of interesting plant names but when you take a look at the huge 8” screaming orange, golden dusted flowers on these plants you’ll agree with me that this one lives up to its name.   It’s an award winner and you will quickly see why with its unique, slightly twisted, ruffle edged petals.  I don’t think anyone could walk by this one without a second look!  34” Tall

 Daylilies are tough adaptable plants that benefit from division every 3-4 years.  Full sun will get you the best floral display but they will grow great in part shade as well.