The Importance of Tree Protectors

Tree Trunk Protector
Tree Trunk Protector

One of the most important keys to success with newer ornamental trees and shade trees is to protect the bark of these young trees for the first 5 to 10 years after planting.

The bark of a tree is like an artery in our bodies.  The living  part of the bark carries sap filled with nutrients and life nurturing water from the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAroots to the leaves.  Any damage to the bark of young trees is significant and a major hurdle for the tree to overcome since it reduces the flow of nutrients and water.  Never underestimate how important it is to protect the  ark of younger trees.

The most common causes of bark damage are weed whips, mower decks, mice and rabbits eating bark, deer shredding bark with their antlers, and sunlight bouncing off snow cover all winter long.  That’s a lot of potential dangers.  Fortunately, the answer for protecting tree  bark is simple and easy to put in place by installing white plastic trunk protectors to a height of four feet above ground.

We stock four different kinds of plastic tree trunk protectors for $3 to $6 each.  They are very easy to install and very inexpensive insurance for high value ornamental, fruit and shade trees.