The Magic of Spring

Every spring we find several robin nests here at the nursery.  With each one we find – it is a wonder all it’s own.  It’s like “Wow – look at this”, knowing that we’ve seen it many times before but feeling as if we’ve just discovered something no one else has ever seen.

This morning, Heidi and I were working in the Hosta sales area – putting up some shady area hanging baskets and we had one mad robin on our hands.  Not seeing why she was so mad at her, Heidi started looking around only to find that the mother robin had made her nest in one of the pot trays on the top shelf of our display bench.  The tray held only 5 pots in it instead of 6, so the robin had used the empty space for her nest.  In it, we discovered 4 beautiful blue eggs.  As is our custom when we discover the nests, we put up signs and take the nearby plants off sale until the eggs have hatched and the baby’s are on their own.

The magic of spring!