The Reluctant Groundhog

Today, the groundhog came out at Knecht’s Nurseries and Landscaping, and got just plain scared.  Looked up at the snowpiles that have grown to 8-10 feet high, turned pale and went straight back into it’s burrow.  Thought I overheard some muttering about spring, and something else about 6 weeks, but I can’t be sure since I rain chain saws and tractors too much back in my younger days.

Regardless of the psychological trauma experienced by our resident ground hog when confronted by a seemingly endless sea of white.  All signs point to spring arriving in April.  The driveway melts down to asphalt a little quicker than a few weeks ago, and an unheated greenhouse is downright comfortable when the sun is shining.

Yesterday the wild turkeys were scratching around by the bird feeder and Deb noticed the first fanning display by one of the males.  This young male has a long road ahead of him, since prime breeding season is still a good solid two months or more from now, but I do take his first proud advertisement to the ladies as a sure sign spring is around the corner..