The Spring Roller Coaster

It’s happening again.  The roller coaster called Spring.  February was bitterly cold even as the days grew longer, as was early March.  then a couple of weeks of above average temperatures in mid-March stripped away the snow and got us to the first day of Spring at least according to the calendar.  That was last Friday, March 20th.

We got to enjoy one more day of spring like weather on Saturday the 21st which then allowed Deb and I to do a little cleanup around the yard at home.  On Sunday, the 22nd, winter came roaring back with about 9 inches of snow, and it felt like winter all this week.  In other words, its a pretty normal spring.IMG_0005

Lots of flipflopping of warm and cold air masses, and lots of hope on the part of Minnesota gardeners that warmer days will soon return to stay, and the fields, forests and our landscape plants will soon push fresh and vigorous new growth.

Today we have temps in the 30’s, tomorrow the 40’s and the next day on Sunday -it should hit the 50’s.  Early next week – the 60’s come back.

I’m always amazed that for the most part the plants and animals an withstand the big variations of the roller coaster of a Minnesota spring.

Every spring I experience a profound sense of wonder as I am treated to the grand spectacle of the entire web of life going from dormant and seemingly dead to an explosion of new life.  What a blessing it is to be on the roller coaster with Mother Nature.