Think Spring even with the Snow!

p2251046p3050011Bluto, the garden toad is ready for spring.   He’s anxious for warmer weather!  December and January were cold and snowy.  February provided a reprieve with warmer temperatures, not alot of snow (until last night) and warmer temperatures.  The snow melted in the open areas and people were beginning to optimistically look to spring! 

There are many ways to get a jump start on spring!  Start planning your annual flower beds, containers and hanging baskets.  I read an article from one of our wholesalers that the colors that are going to be popular this year with annual plantings will be yellow with blue and purple accents.  Yellow is the color of hope!  Perhaps if we all plant yellow flowers things all around the world will turn around and head in the right direction!  Make your lists of the colors, the numbers, plants that you like and so on.  Hang onto the list and when the weather warms up – you’ll be ready.

Our lead designer, Kristin Lucas is offering a special for landscape design.   The details are on our “Specials Page”.   A facelift to your current landscape may be in order and even if it’s a smaller area, having a design to work from is the right way to start.  Consulting with a designer this time of year will give you a more leisurely pace to start your conversations and by the time the ground thaws – you’ll know what you want to do and you can dig right in!

Don’t dispair Bluto – the snow will melt soon and you’ll once again be sitting in the garden among the many annuals and perennials!