Lilac pruning

This and That


We would like to thank everyone for their wonderful support and business this season.  It is still so strange to social distance but we are getting used to it.  Gardeners hug – they shake hands  – they group together and discuss plants.  Well – we’re all in this together and hopefully next season – we’ll be able to give each and everyone of you a much needed hug or handshake!  

We have ended our curbside pickup for now.  We are short-staffed with the current world situation, and we had to decide on what we could do to make more time  in the day, and unfortunately, decided to eliminate the phone in or email  orders for pickup.  We respect those customers who do not want to be out amongst other people, even with the social distancing, and would encourage those of you to perhaps give a list to a friend, relative or neighbor and let them do your shopping for you! 

Now for the wonderful offerings of Mother Nature.  With almost a week in May of below freezing nights and cool days, she is giving us above normal temperatures next week!  And, almost no rain!  Your trees and shrubs that you planted last year need water now this spring!   Put them on a watering rotation so they will root in well and start to really grow for you!  Anything newly planted this year – be sure to follow our watering instructions and give them a much needed drink of water!  A tenth of an inch of rain doesn’t do much more than get the top of the soil moist.  For your plants to receive a good watering from the rain – it needs to be an inch or more of rain!  When rain is only a quarter or half an inch it doesn’t quite do the trick.  That being said, the key to good watering and maintaining healthy roots that don’t rot, is to give just enough water and never too much.  That is the very reason we created our detailed watering chart with specific measured amounts of water.