It’s Time to Protect Young Trees

Tree trunk protectorsNow is the time to protect the bark of young shade trees and ornamental trees by installing white plastic trunk protectors.  Within 5-15 days, male white tail deer will begin rubbing their antlers on the trunks of young trees.  The damage to the bark of valuable young, shade and ornamental trees from antler rubbing can be severe, and in many cases is bad enough to cause people to remove and replace the tree which can be expensive and very disappointing.

The goods news is that white plastic trunk protectors are inexpensive, easy to install and reusable for several years, and will also protect tree bark from damage by mice, rabbits and winter sun.  FOr just $3 to $5 you can purchase white plastic trunk protectors that are available in several styles.

Be sure to avoid the use of black plastic drain tile for protecting tree trunks.  Black material fluctuates too  such in temperature during February and March and may actually increase the probability of bark damage from late winter freeze/thaw cycles.

Years of experience have taught us that the four-foot tall white trunk protectors offer better protection than 2 or 3 foot versions.  Stop in and see our display for the various styles of trunk protectors.