Tips to Keep Spruce Trees Healthy & Beautiful

 Blue Spruce
Blue Spruce

1 – Choose a sunny location to plant spruce trees.

2 – Choose a location that has well-drained soil.  Avoid areas where the soil is often soggy and poorly drained.

3 – Windy areas are good spots for spruce trees.  Areas wit

h restricted air movement are a poor choice.

4 – When planting spruce trees (and all other trees) plant so that the top of the root ball is even with the surrounding soil.  Avoid planting too deep!  See our handy planting guide.

5 – DO NOT over-water.  Spruce trees hate wet feet.  Small measured amounts of water applied often are better than super saturating the planting area.  Again, we provide a handy watering guide.

6 – Once or twice a year, spray your trees with a three part mix that will prevent damage to your spruce trees from fungus, mites, and insects.  It’s really easy to apply and takes only a few minutes.  The best time to apply this mixture is in mid-June when the new growth is soft and supple.