Gall on maple leaf

‘Tis the Season… for Leaf Gall

Have you noticed strange spots, bumps, or lumps on your tree’s leaves? If so, it could be leaf gall.

It sounds extreme, but gall is nothing to panic about. While it is unsightly, seasonal gall shouldn’t negatively impact the health of an otherwise vigorous tree and does not require treatment. 

Leaf gall is caused by a variety of insects, and expresses as spots that turn into swollen nodules on leaves. Maple, hackberry, birch, and many other tree species are frequent hosts of galls.

Proper care and maintenance of your trees will assure their vigor and increase resistance to whatever challenges nature offers up.

Attentive watering, mulching, and careful use of equipment like mowers and hedge trimmers are all essential tools in your tree care arsenal. Remove infested or infected leaf litter in the fall to further decrease insect and disease pressure on your trees.

Hackberry gall