Trees and Shrubs for Wet Spots

Photo courtesy “Moveable Gardens”

Have you had problems with trees and shrubs dying in damp or poorly drained areas of your landscape?  Tired of paying good, hard earned cash on plant materials and watching them struggle in a periodically or chronically wet spot?  Try some of these varieties and you will probably see better results:

Trees:  River Birch, Heritage River  Birch, Fox Valley Dwarf River Birch, American Larch, Niobe Weeping Willow, Prairie Cascade Willow, Autumn Blaze Maple, autumn Fantasy Maple, Princeton American Elm, New Harmony American Elm, Triumph Elm, Accolade Elm, Discovery Elm, Patriot elm, Quaking Aspen and Arborvitae if the ground isn’t completed waterlogged, but just damp.


Shrubs:  Dwarf Blue  Arctic Willow, Flame Willow, Hakuro Nishiki Willow, Pussy Willow, Red Twig Dogwood, Cardinal Red Twig Dogwood, Baton Rouge Dogwood, Arctic Fire Dogwood, Chokeberry,  Buttonbush, and Winterberry.  Winterberry is extremely hardy here in Minnesota.  We have seen them along a portage in northern Minnesota in the Boundary Waters.

There are times that you have to step back and go with plants that work well with your site – sun or shade – dry or wet – good soil or poor soil instead of your favorite plant.  Your landscape will be more beautiful and happier with healthy plants than one with struggling ones.