Trees and Shrubs for Soggy Soils

With all the rainfall we’ve had this year, areas with chronically poor drainage have caused trees and shrubs to become stressed, or even die.  Here’s a short list of trees and shrubs that are able to tolerate soggy soils without much stress.


American Larch, Quaking Aspen, River Birch, Autumn Blaze Maple, Firefall Maple, Celebration Maple, Swamp White Oak, Willow, and for moderately moist – but not super soggy – Elm, Serviceberry and Arborvitae.


Red Twig Dogwood, Winterberry, Willow,, and for moderately moist, but not super soggy soils – Chokeberry, Clethra, Serviceberry, Snowberry, Witchhazel & Viburnum.