Trees and Shrubs for Wet Areas

The quite rainy spell we have been experiencing makes this a good time to focus on trees and shrubs that can do well in areas of your property that have soil that is damp or wet much of the time.  Many of you may have had previous plantings fail in these soggy spots.  thankfully, there are trees and shrubs that can be very successful and beautiful despite the poor drainage.

The following lists can help you choose trees and shrubs that will turn a damp sore spot in your landscape into a very nice feature of a beautiful yard!


River Birch, Fox Valley Dwarf River Birch, Niobe Weeping Willow, Prairie Cascade Weeping Willow, Swamp White Oak, American Larch (Tamarack), Hemlock, American Arborvitae, Bald Cypress (Zone 5), Autumn Blaze Maple, Matador Maple, Celebration Maple, Autumn Fantasy Maple, Princeton Elm, New Harmony Elm, Triumph Elm, Aspen, Poplar and Serviceberry.

The picture here is of our Bald Cypress in our meadow.  We have a waterway through the middle and have two Bald Cypress right alongside.


Arctic Fire Dogwood, Red Twig Dogwood, Baton Rouge Dogwood, Cardinal Red Twig Dogwood, Dwarf Blue Arctic Willow, Flame Willow, Hakuro Nishiki Willow, Flamingo Willow, Pussy Willow, Chokeberry and Arborvitae.

Stop in and we can show you examples of these damp area trees and shrubs.  With container trees and shrubs, successful planting can be done in spring, summer and fall.  We will provide you with easy to follow planting and watering guides to ensure the rapid establishment of your new trees and shrubs.