Ultra Hardy Hydrangeas

The paniculata family of hydrangeas have for many years been referred to as the hardy hydrangeas.  Nothing could bring the truth of this labeling into a clear form more than what Deb and I saw last week up in Ely, Minnesota.

In quite a few yards in Ely, we noticed members of the hardy hydrangea family blooming beautifully.  Many of these shrubs and small trees were large enough to have survived many Ely winters.  I observed some that I would estimate to be 30 to 50 years old, in a town where winter temperatures regularly dip into the 30 degrees to 50 degrees below zero farenheit range every winter.

Hardy Hydrangea in Ely, Minnesota.
Hardy Hydrangea in Ely, Minnesota.

Not only are the hardy hydrangeas actually super hardy, they are incredibly productive bloomers.  They have so many flowers you would think they are tropical, yet they can survive and even prosper in one of the harshest climates anywhere.

Some of the better hydrangea paniculata varieties we have encountered are Limelight, Little Lime, Quickfire, Pinky Winky, Bobo, FIrelight, Tardiva, Vanilla Strawberry, Polar Bear and Pink Diamond.  Hardy hydrangeas flower from mid-summer all the way to first frost and have very few pest and disease problems.

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