Velvet Viking Japanese Maple

There is excellent news for gardeners longing for the aesthetic of a Japanese maple with the hardiness to withstand Minnesota winters. The Velvet Viking Japanese Maple was discovered in Minnesota and promises hardiness down to zone 4. This new Japanese maple is sure to thrill northern gardeners in search of a small ornamental with delicate texture and awesome leaf color.

The lacy, deeply dissected foliage of Velvet Viking boasts the sought after burgundy color that makes Japanese maples so alluring. As the weather cools down, the color intensifies for a glorious fall display. Even better, it has proven itself in both full sun and part shade.

Velvet Viking Japanese Maple
Velvet Viking Japanese Maple’s lacy leaves

Velvet Viking’s habit is more like a shrub than a tree. It creates a mounded, almost waterfall effect that looks stunning combined with large-leaved plants and evergreens. Incorporated into Zen gardens, tumbling over rocks, foundation plantings, or as a specimen, Velvet Viking is a head-turner. At just 3 feet tall and 5 feet wide, it will easily fit into gardens large and small and makes an excellent container option as well.

If you’ve been thinking about trying a Japanese maple, Velvet Viking might just be the one!

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