Viburnum Vibes

Whether you’re looking for a tall hedge or diminutive foundation shrub, look no further than viburnum. Showy flowers, fall color, and charming berries are all served up when viburnum is on the menu. Most are happy in sun to partial shade and appreciate evenly moist soil. Let’s look at our favorite varieties!

Viburnums we Love

Arrowwood (Viburnum dentatum) This gorgeous group features glossy serrated leaves, many of which display great fall color. White spring flowers appear in flat-topped clusters and add tons of charm to the landscape. If another variety of arrowwood is planted nearby, the flowers will turn into attractive blue to black fruit that birds love.

Medium sized options (4-8 feet) include the super glossy Proven Winners All That Glitters® and All That Glows®, and the fruit machine Blue Muffin®. For larger spaces, Red Feather, Chicago Lustre® and common arrowwood viburnum are great choices that come in at 8-10 feet.

All That Glitters Viburnum
All That Glitters Viburnum has super glossy leaves and white flowers in spring. Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

Cranberry bush (Viburnum trilobum) With large lobed leaves that resemble maple leaves and cute lace-cap flowers, cranberry bush is great choice for hedges, screens, and mass plantings. It blends into the landscape easily and doesn’t require much beyond occasional pruning and average moisture. Vibrant fall color and bright red berries (with a partner) make this viburnum group most stunning later in the season.

Wentworth American cranberry bush is good choice where there is room for a large, rounded shrub. Bailey Compact is a nice dwarf variety that gets to around 6 feet and has the same great fall color and berries.

Go Big or Go Home For huge floral impact, consider a stunning Snowball viburnum. The large Hydrangea-like flowers come around before the lilacs. A mature snowball viburnum (10-12 feet) covered in flowers is a sight to behold, which isn’t hard, because you can see them from quite a distance. Even better, we have them in shrub and tree form!

Snowball Viburnum is nothing short of impressive.

The Little Guy With a name like Lil Ditty®, it’s probably obvious that this cute little witherod viburnum can tuck into just about any spot. It’s great in foundation planting and mass plantings. Average soil and a bit of shade is ok for this dwarf cultivar, but avoid overly hot and dry sites.

Lil Ditty viburnum
Lil Ditty’s prolific fluffy flowers in spring. Photo courtesy of Proven Winners



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