A View from Mid-Winter

Wintertime in the Woods

It’s February 2nd and the average high temperature for this date is 25 degrees F, and the record low is -32 degrees F.  Definitely mid-winter, and as it happens, today the mercury will struggle to get above zero.  There’s a decent snow pack covering the countryside that not only makes the woods where we live quite beautiful, but is also just what the snow lovers have been waiting for to enable the cross-country skiers and snowmobile enthusiasts to have a good time.

For plant lovers and gardeners, it’s a time to test our patience.  Last season’s flowers and garden bounty are now a fading memory and with a few exceptions, it’s just a bit early to start seeds indoors.  We are at a bit of a standstill, but we can break the spell of a long winter by putting our imagination to work.

February is a good time to get out paper and pencil and sketch out garden and landscaping plans, and make lists of all the things that will be needed to turn a snowy winterscape into lush gardens that rejuvenate the spirit and feed our bodies.  Give yourself permission to try new things, even at the risk of an occasional failure.  If we keep ourselves watchful and curious, even the failures will enrich our gardening experiences and make us all the more capable with each passing year.

Order those seeds once you’ve done some planning, and perhaps take in a seminar or two while the snow pack persists.  For trees, shrubs and perennials that you may want from the garden center, give us a call and we if we’ll be carrying the varieties that interest you.  With this information you can quickly assemble the plant materials you want for your project once spring arrives.

Hang in there, spring really is on its way.  The sun sets today 47 minutes later than it did in mid December.  Days are definitely getting longer, and in 8 short weeks the average high temperature will be 49 degrees, sap will be flowing in the sugar maple trees and the arrival of spring will be something you can smell in the air.