Vines for the Shade

I have two favorite vines that I go to for shady areas.  While both are rated for full sun (six or more hours) to partial shade (four to six hours), I have had good results with both in areas that I would consider full shade.  In a location where they receive less than four hours of sun they are not as vigorous as their part shade neighbors and they did not bloom prolifically, but they did grow and climb the trellises I had provided.

The graceful, Silver Lace Vine

Polygonum aubertii

Silver Lace Vine won‘t waste a moment and will quickly cover a fence or trellis.  From late summer to early autumn it will be covered with an abundance of nearly white, fragrant flowers.  The green summer foliage turns a nice yellow in the fall.  These deer resistant vines will grow up to twenty or thirty feet and are adaptable to a wide range of soils, preferring a semi-dry location once established.

The elegant, Variegated Porcelain Vine

Ampelopsis brevipedunculata ‘Elegans’

This vine will grow ten to twenty-five feet. Uniquely variegated, grape-like, leaves are splashed and speckled with white.  The newest growth tends to blush pink just enough to add an additional layer of intrigue to this already lovely vine.  An abundance of small white flower clusters bloom from mid to late summer, and become multicolored clusters of speckled berries ranging from creamy yellow to lilac, deep purple to brilliant turquoise. A truly elegant looking plant that will make quick work of a fence or trellis. Ampelopsis prefers a well-drained location.


Thanks to Heidi Brosseau for submitting this blog!