Virginia Blue Bells

Virginia Bluebells - Spring 2010
Just waking up

The flowers of the Virginia Bluebell – (Mertensia virginica) has to be the most beautiful shade of blue.  Each spring, I marvel at this incredible color.  This springtime Minnesota wildflower grows in southern  Minnesota, and will reach a height of 10″-24″.   You’ll find these growing in shady areas, in clearings and along the edges of deciduous woods.  They will also do well in wetter soils.    The flower buds start out pink and turn to this blue as the flowers bloom.  

Here at the nursery, we started to wake our perennials up from their winter slumber this past week, and the picture at the left shows how much they have grown in just a weeks time.  The photo above, is the Virginia Bluebell that I have in one of our gardens at home.    As with most wildflowers – they go dormant early on after blooming, so by mid-summer – it’s all just a memory until springtime comes again.  In looking closely at the picture to the right, you will notice that some of my hosta are just getting going which is an indication of the early blooming of this wildflower.

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