Virginia Bluebells and Lenton Rose

This morning before heading into work – I had to go into one of the perennial gardens just to look at the awesome color of the Virginia Bluebells.  This color blue has to be the prettiest blue there is.  The Lenton Rose is also in bloom right now – one on these plants are at each end of this particular flower bed.

Virginia Bluebells – a native Minnesota wildflower will grow to a height of 10″-24″.  Groups of  light blue bell-shaped flowers will light up any corner of your early spring flower garden.  They prefer moist, shady areas – such as on the edges of deciduous woods or clearings in the natural habitat.  Plant yours in a shade garden with other shady perennials.  Since it is a native woodland plant, once it has done it thing for spring- it quietly disappears during the rest of the year and waits to delight us again in the spring!

The Lenton Rose – or Helleborus are long-lived, easy to care for perennials.  Planted in moist, well drained soil it will tolerate summer shade if it receives sunlight in the spring.  These plants take a little longer to get established than some perennials, but they are also considered “ever green” meaning you should not prune them back in the spring or fall – just leave them.  If any leaves have died over the winter – prune those leaves off but mine just spring to life in early spring.  One is in a more shady area and that is just now flowering – the one in the picture is in almost full springtime sun and has been blooming for several weeks. 

Companion plants?  Both of these are on the edges of a hosta garden with Cimicifuga and Ligularia also planted there.  The sunnier parts of the bed, I also have some shorter upright sedums planted.  Great combinations.  We have all of these plants in the nursery available for sale.