Watering Made Easy

Water just enough, and never too much.  There it is.  It’s just that simple.  It’s easy.

Most people overwater their new landscape plantings.  the most common cause of death of new landscape plants is root rot caused by over watering.

Getting rapid extension of new roots into the surrounding soil is unlikely when over watering has super-saturated the soil driving out all the oxygen.  New roots grow rapidly when soil is just moist, and n ever waterlogged.

How do you get it right?  The answer is something most people do not want to hear.  the simply way to get it right is to hand water small amounts frequently so as to never super-saturated the soil.

It seems to most of us like  hand watering would be difficult, but it is actually quick and easy.  With a nice gentle flow watering wand, a measured small amount of water can be applied to each plant in just a few seconds per plant.

We give every customer a handy blue watering chart that helps you calibrate the amount of water you apply, and how often.  This makes it possible to water a new planting bed with 20-30 perennials/shrubs/trees in about 3 to 4 minutes, and you are done.  There is no remembering to go out and move a sprinkler, or remembering to shut off the water.  You are done in a few minutes and can go about your day without the pre-occupation of having to move hoses and shut off water.  It’s quick and easy.

Keeping new landscape plants healthy and establishing quickly is simple.  Hand water small measured amounts according to our handy watering chart.  Less is more.

Good luck with your new planting.