Weigelas are Blooming

Some of the most beautiful and versatile shrubs for your landscape are the Weigelas.  They have just started blooming and are an incredible display of color!  They prefer full sun, but can do fine in 4-5 hours of sun as well.

Pictured here is the Carnaval Weigela which puts on a remarkable floral display of pink, white and nearly red flowers.  They blossom for an extra long period providing a colorful addition to any garden space. It’s mature to a size of 4′-5′ tall and 3′-5′ wide.
The Red Prince Weigela sports non-fading rich red flowers on fresh green foliage.  It’s upright arching branches will re-bloom during the summer.  Slightly taller – this plant matures to a size of 5′-6′ tall and wide.
We also have Fine Wine, Ghost, Midnight Wine, Minuet, My Monet, Rainbow Sensation, Rumba and Wine and Roses Weigela varieties.