Welcome Spring!

Maple tree in bloom.

The spring awakening is underway! The tree buds have begun to swell. The robins have returned.  Spring blooming bulbs are using their stored energy; emerging once again and springing up in their usual hurry!

It won’t be long, and our heads will turn at the beauty of the bright golden yellow blossoms on the forsythia. We won’t be able to stop our fingers from reaching out to touch the softness of the catkins on the pussy willows.

Forsythia - Shrub form
Forsythia – Shrub form
MN Strain Red Bud about to bloom!
Minnesota Strain Redbud about to bloom!

The Minnesota Strain Redbud will awe us with fuchsia pink flowers, and the fragrance of magnolia blossoms will drift through our open windows.
We will welcome spring with all our senses!

Magnolia blossom