We’re So Excited for Spring Bloomers!

Look around you. Take a long, deep breath. What’s that tickling your senses? Why, that’s spring flowers! It’s hard to think of anything more uplifting than spring flowers, and planting spring blooming perennials, shrubs, and trees in your landscape ensures that you’ll enjoy them every year. Here are some of our favorites:

Creeping phlox – This seemingly humble ground cover packs quite a punch in spring when the needle-like foliage is absolutely carpeted in little flowers. Plant creeping phlox in masses as a gorgeous, low maintenance ground cover and tuck it into rock gardens as a charming accent.

Pulmonaria – Vibrant pink, purple, and blue flowers emerge from this perennial in early spring. Pulmonaria maintains season long interest with its speckled, pale green leaves. A fine choice for enlivening your shade garden!

Helleborus – Hellebore, or Lenten rose, boasts an elegant flower in early spring and comes in several gorgeous colors. Hellebore is a great choice for early impact in your shade garden with interesting foliage year round.

Lilac – An absolute classic, these tough plants are the mascots of spring. Available in a variety of colors and habits, lilacs flower prolifically and smell way too good. Plant them in a spot that drains well and wait to prune them until right after they’re done blooming. 

Viburnum – If you need a large blooming shrub, check out viburnums. Lovely early flowers are followed by colorful berries later in the season, and many varieties display showy fall foliage. 

Magnolia – The glorious blooms of magnolias are impossible to miss in mid-spring, and the handsome leaves are a delight for the rest of the year. An excellent choice for a showy ornamental tree or shrub. 

Now get out there and enjoy the fresh air!