What’s Doing the Blooming? Hardy Shrub Roses

Hardy Shrub Roses
Hardy Shrub Roses

Every June I am amazed by the classic beauty of our low maintenance, hardy shrub roses. They provide our Minnesota garden beds and borders with reliable and long lasting color throughout the spring, summer and early fall without the fussiness that garden roses or hybrid tea roses might require. We take time to study the many varieties of shrub roses available for us to grow and sell, ensuring that we are offering plants both zone hardy as well as disease resistant.  We offer ever-blooming and recurrent blooming varieties.  Recurrent varieties will bloom for 2-3 weeks and then rest for 2-3 weeks before beginning another bloom cycle.  Generally,  they will go through 3 bloom cycles in a  growing season. Pictured are Como Park and Campfire, both are recurrent bloomers.

Como Park Rose in full bloom
Como Park Shrub Rose

Hardy shrub roses require full sun to produce their best bloom and growth habit. They will thrive in average garden soil and benefit from regular watering during dry spells. Deadheading occasionally will produce a cleaner looking plant and extend their bloom. Most of the varieties we carry mature in the 3-4′ range making them a versatile plant in the landscape or flower garden.

Campfire Rose
Campfire Shrub Rose