What’s Doing the Blooming? Witch-hazel

        A lovely late season surprise is the winter bloom of our North American native, Witch-hazel. In late autumn, as the green summer foliage of Witch-hazel begins to turn golden yellow, an exciting event is unfolding among its’ branches. Bright yellow ribbons of lightly fragrant flowers are starting to bloom. Yes, bloom! Many are familiar with the medicinal properties of Witch-hazel. Lesser known is the beauty of the plant itself. At fifteen feet tall and twelve to fifteen feet wide these large shrubs or small decorative trees, produce a rounded, vase shaped silhouette. When space allows, these hardy natives provide a unique choice for screening and naturalized plantings. They are a neat selection for understory or woodland settings, but these, more shaded locations, will produce a more open, less dense plant. Take time to cut a few branches to enjoy indoors. Their bright golden, yellow flowers will be the last for us here in Minnesota, as they take us right into winter with their surprising winter bloom.