Whitespire Birch

The Whitespire Birch adds grace and beauty to any landscape.   The lovely white trunks of birch trees have long been admired by generations of people raised in northern tier states.  Whitespire Birch has proven to be a versatile performer among the various birch varieties that develop white bark, with many decades of proven performance in Minnesota landscapes.

Young stems of Whitespire Birch have a brown bark that quickly turns white as stems reach 1 1/2″ to 3″ in diameter.  Chalky white smooth bark persists for several decades as stems develop graceful undulations.

Whitespire Birch tolerate a wider variety of soil types than the River Birch.  At our Garden Center here in Northfield, we are offering all of our Whitespire Birch on sale now – at 50% off – available in many different sizes, in clump form or single stems.