Windflower – Anemone

P1010035A late season bloomer – what could be prettier than this!  This Anemone – called ‘Robustissima’ starts blooming late summer into early fall.  Reaching a height of 30″-36″, it graces the back of the perennial bed giving you that spark of color.  Windflowers can grow from Zone 3 to Zone 8.   These perennials can be found even in the Rocky Mountains where in higher elevations the winters are colder.   Anemones prefer partial shade with well drained soil.   They can be planted in full sun, but be sure to keep them moist during the really hot periods.

Companion plants for the Anemone would be hosta, ferns, cimicifuga (bugbane), ornamental grasses, asters, sedums, and hardy mums.   These  flowers can be planted in mass which when they blossom will sway with the wind and provide a stunning feature to any perennial garden!