Hardy Magnolias in Minnesota

The flower buds of the Royal Star Magnolia
The flower buds of the Royal Star Magnolia

Several varieties of time tested Magnolias have been very successful in Minnesota landscapes, providing beautiful displays of large white, pink,  and reddish/purple blossoms in early to mid-spring.  The appearance is lush, and almost tropical, but for many years this small group of winter hardy Magnolias has brought joy to Minnesota gardeners.

Royal Star Magnolia is fairly small in stature, maturing to about 10 feet tall, and showing pure white blossoms in great abundance.  Rated zone 4 hardy.  Pictured here are the flower buds of our Royal Star Magnolia on May 6th.  In another few days – this plant will be a riot of large white star liked blossoms!

Leonard Messel Magnolia grows to a medium size of approximately 15 feet in Minnesota and sports a lovely mix of pink and white blossoms.  Rated zone 4b or 5a hardy.  I’ve seen good success with Leonard Messel in the Northfield area.

Ann Magnolia blooms about two weeks after Royal Star and Leonard Messel, showing large reddish purple flowers that are impressively large!

Magnolias are grown either as a shrub form or tree form.    Planted in rich, well drained soil is perfect for Magnolias.  Preferably planted with some extra peat with help ensure for good success.  Planting in an area that has some late winter shade is best. which helps keep the buds from swelling too early with late winter sun.

We have a good supply of these three Magnolias in stock, and bargain sale priced for a limited time.  The flower buds are swelling – now is the time to check them out!