Winter Interest

Miscanthus Flame Grass

Even though we have had such an incredibly mild winter to date – we still can’t get our hands dirty in the garden.  One of the things that we can do though is to make plans for the upcoming gardening season.

Plants with winter interest make our gardens look alive even in the dead of winter.  They have the ability to brighten up our landscape (and our spirits) in these shortest days of the year.  A winter landscape provides a beauty all it’s own, whether it be foliage, bark, berries or simply the unique architecture of a tree.

Globe Blue Spruce
Globe Blue Spruce

The Miscanthus Flame Grass holds the hoar frost beautifully and glistens in the sun.  The branches of the Globe Blue Spruce reach out and hold the snow.

Birch tree with firewood
Birch tree with firewood

The bark of the birch tree with firewood in the background breaks up the white winter landscape.

The bright orange/red of the Cardinal Red Osier Dogwood provides that “Pop” of color.  These shrubs make great mass plantings – wind breaks and even one can anchor a larger perennial garden.  Super hardy – it is a great plant!

Cardinal Redtwig Dogwood
Cardinal Redtwig Dogwood

Spring will be here before we know it.  Start dreaming, make notes and enjoy the winter.

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  1. Enjoying your newsletter while we are in Florida Panhandle for a couple of months.
    Al & Carol Harstad

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