Image of flowers blooming through the snow

Winter into spring

Image of flowers blooming through the snowIn meteorological terms, spring has arrived! We have already seen the first signs that winter is loosening its grip on the northland. Dramatic, almost unbelievable weather swings. Warm, sunny, light-jacket weather, chased away by blizzard warnings and ice scrapers twenty-four hours later. The mild temps and clear skies draw us out into our landscape. Out to poke around in the yard and garden, it’s hard to wait. We can feel the strength coming back to the sunshine, smell the thawing earth, and see the buds beginning to swell on the trees and shrubs. Soon, tender new leaves and vibrant spring flowers will color our world. Reminding us how vital the reawakening of our dormant Minnesota is to our spirit. Enjoy these earliest days of spring by calming the running spring to-do list in your head. Remind yourself that it’s too early to work the earth, but the perfect time to appreciate it. Have patience, make some notes, check out the neat and new plant varieties on your local nursery’s website. Prepare to emerge – just like those tender new leaves and vibrant spring flowers!